Google Search Your Partners Mind

 Your friend is now a Google search engine with access to the most interesting information.

  1. Circle up and take turns “googling” the mind of your partner (or the person on your right if more than two people)


  2. Search for interesting info from "google" by saying your partner’s name + any phrase you like. For Example, “John best mix tape songs” or “John Saturday Morning Cartoons”— literally anything.


  3. “Google” (your partner) then responds with the top “search result.” It may be a personal story, something recently read, or anything else that’s top of mind after they hear the “search term.” Most of the time, you can find something in your mind. Even if it seems silly, it will be interesting for others to hear!


  4. “No search results” is an option, but try not to abuse it.


  5. Repeat this for 3 questions and then switch who is the google search engine.